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I am an experienced fundraising consultant that can help you navigate trying to find new resources to move your mission forward. Piles of grant application deadlines collecting on the calendar and no staff to do them?

I can help

Having worked as a fundraising consultant and sales professional for over 20 years in the not for profit and for profit sectors, I have experienced what works (and doesn’t) when it comes to effectively communicating your vision, applying for grants, and fundraising. And I’m passionate about passing this knowledge along to those who need support and advice in order to keep on doing more good.

Here is me about 8,000+ feet up in the air in the Italian Dolomites. I know from climbing, how important an experienced guide is in helping overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I’m that guide for you – helping actualize the positive impact that you and your team are working so hard to make.

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Strategic Grant Writing

Researching grants and strategically crafting a strong application takes time. Lacking the resources and/or knowledge?

I can help identify funding agencies best suited to your organization. And help craft a compelling application that clearly aligns your vision with their mandate – making a yes, much more likely.

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Storytelling your Vision

In order to apply for funding you must be able to clearly and compellingly articulate what the problem is that your organization would like to solve.

Not sure where to start or have a hard time telling others why you need funding? I’ve got a lot of experience helping organizations fully articulate and communicate their vision. And I can help you too.

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Fundraising Administration Support for Smaller Organizations

Trying to manage the administrative tasks at your smaller nonprofit takes time away from building and cultivating the important relationships that help progress your mandate.

Things like database management, developing and executing a stewardship plan and running tax receipts are some of those necessary evils. Need an extra set of administrative hands?

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Special Event Management

Drawing on my years of experience I can help you put on a special event that will leave a lasting impact and help propel your organization forward with new funders, allies, and supporters.

Currently open to working with clients on special events providing they fit within all current Covid-19 protocols.

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