The Social Boutique is a non-profit, social enterprise that operates to serve ALL women in HRM by way of selling previously loved, as well as brand NEW clothing.

ALL profits are donated directly to Dress for Success HALIFAX.

AFFORDABLE women’s clothing for ALL ages and sizes. GREAT prices & volunteer staff ready to SERVE. Cash or e-transfer only to reduce transaction costs so that 100% of your purchase dollars go towards Dress for Success Halifax!

In consideration of your safety, we’re offering 20 minute personalized shopping session bookings with one of our experienced and personable Social Boutique volunteers.

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New Location opening soon!
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We carry a variety of professional & casual attire ranging in sizes from 00 to 5x and including blouses, tops, pants, blazers, dresses, jackets, coats, etc.


We carry a variety of casual & professional purses that include recognizable name brands – either new or previously loved.


We offer a variety of stylish casual & professional footwear. Both new or previously loved recognizable name brands for you to chose from.


We have a diverse array fashion jewelry ranging in styles from delicate and  conservative to bold and dazzling.

Fashion Accessories

Check out our broad selection of accessories, including beautiful scarves and belts for that perfect finish to your outfit!