Providing Convenient Handmade Solutions for a Greener Home

The Home, Made Happy provides you with functional handcrafted eco-friendly products to help your family save money (and the planet!).

My mission is to bring colour, happiness, and meaning into your daily life with my growing line of handmade reusable solutions!

Whether you are shopping at your favorite bulk store, packing your lunch, or cleaning up after your day, The Home, Made Happy is here to help you create a green and happy home! ♥

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Cloth Market Bag

Never get caught without your bag! Our shopping bags fold up into a compact 3” x 5” x 1.5” package which can be tucked into your purse, backpack, diaper bag, or vehicle glove box.
Easily folds up with a convenient snap closure; no more wrestling all that fabric into a tiny pouch.
Generous 20” straps mean you can keep your hands free while strolling through the market. We’ve also made them extra wide for added strength and comfort.
Can hold the equivalent of two conventional plastic grocery bags!
Made from 100% cotton, with bright and fun colours on the front and natural, unbleached cotton on the back. We use top-quality Kam snaps to ensure these bags stand up to everyday use.
We professionally serge our seams for extra strength and durability.

Cloth Napkins

We use 100% Birdseye cotton, which is often referred to as “Diaper Cloth” because of its incredible absorbency
Our Cloth Napkins are as durable as they are absorbent! They can be washed repeatedly, and they get better over time.
Made with lunch boxes in mind, but perfect for any time you’re on the go
Professionally serged edges help to keep the fabric from fraying, and the thread colours that we use are bright and add a bit of fun
All fabric has been pre-washed using gentle, fragrance-free laundry soap
Each cloth is approximately 8″ x 10″

Re-usable Produce Bags

A zero-waste replacement for the film-plastic bags available at bulk shops and in the produce section of the grocery store.
Made from 100% Unbleached Cotton Muslin with a colourful ribbon drawstring and toggle closure.
Not just for shopping! These bags make a beautiful alternative to disposable gift wrap. The ribbon closure adds a bit of colourful fun, while the 100% Unbleached Cotton Muslin keeps the package simple, clean, and beautiful.
Professionally serged edges and seams make the bags durable, and keep the fabric from fraying
All fabric has been pre-washed, and pre-shrunk, using gentle, fragrance-free laundry soap.

Reusable Snack or Sandwich Bags

Our Reusable Snack & Sandwich Baggies are perfect for school and work lunches, tossing in your hiking pack, or for long road trips with kids who are staaarving
We want our bags to last a long time. Dirt and food particles can accumulate in velcro and zippers, and both have a habit of breaking, so we skipped ‘em!
The durable, waterproof, food-safe lining means these baggies are perfect for almost anything you’d want to pack — From crackers, nuts, carrots and cukes, to sandwiches, wraps, and more
Snack Baggie is approx. 4” x 7”
Sandwich Baggie is approx. 6.5″ x 7″

Reusable Cotton Pads

So soft and gentle, perfect for use on sensitive areas.
A perfect replacement for disposable cotton balls and pads, which require a significant amount of bleach, water, and petroleum in their production.
Can be used with toners, makeup-removers, etc. (not recommended for nail-polish removal)
Not just for makeup removal/application! Perfect for: Applying toner, cleaning ears and surrounding area, baby eye-wipes, general first-aid applications (for minor scrapes or cuts)
Professionally serged edges keeps the fabric from fraying.
All fabric has been pre-washed, and pre-shrunk, using gentle, fragrance-free laundry soap
Pack includes twelve (12) coordinating 2-ply cotton pads.