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MacLellan, P.Eng

Are you a consultant, coach, business owner, or a leader in your field that wants to do even better? To keep what you’ve built instead of giving it away because of taxes, fees, and the unexpected (even pandemics)?

I help those that help others. I’m much more than an advisor, I’m a success coach – a leader for leaders. Using the last available tax shelters and proven investment strategies that the top 1% use, aligned with your vision, values, and goals.

I help business owners multiply their wealth tax-efficiently so they can become even more successful while protecting and growing what they’ve built.

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Financial Planning

I specialize in working with families and professionals who want to take their financial lives to the next level. I love helping those who want to focus their time and energy on their family, career and community.

We get clarity on your current finances (personal & business) so that we can develop a workable plan to grow your wealth in a way that ensures your financial security now and into the future.

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Financial Coaching for Success

It’s one thing to have a great plan for your finances but that plan needs to be responsive. And to achieve success you need support, encouragement, and guidance.

Part of my job as your Financial Engineer is to help you implement & adjust your financial plan with regular reviews and feedback sessions that will motivate and inspire – ensuring you stay on the optimal path to financial success.

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Investments & Retirement Planning

Through agreements with many well-known insurance and financial services providers, I can offer a wide selection of products and services, to customize a strategy that fits your needs and goals – for now and for your future.

Interested in socially responsible investing? I can help you select companies that improve our communities and our environment – so that you can chose investments that contribute to a better world while helping to secure your financial future.

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