Purveyors of Fine FairyTale Artifacts.

We specialize in handcrafted bespoke fairytale inspired, steampunk style, jewelry, and accessories. We’re always creating beautiful new pieces so at any given moment you can see items ranging from elf-ear jewelry to glow pendants, to sculptures and more. It simply depends on what is the inspiration of the moment in the studio so do keep checking back for our latest creations.

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Elf Ears

For elves and fairies alike. Legend has it that wearing these brings with them the songs of the fair folk.

Our Fantasy Fairytale Cosplay elf/fairy ear cuff wraps come in a variety of bejeweled colors and styles. Completely hypoallergenic and malleable so that you can bend to comfortably match your ear shape.

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Glow Pendants

Such a beautiful variety Celtic, FairyTale, and Pagan inspired, magically glowing hand crafted pendants to chose from! Hypoallergenic and comes with LED pulsing orb light in your choice of colour.

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Arcane Angel Jewelry

A variety of beautifully handcrafted gothic inspired necklaces and bracelets with themes from The Legend of King Arthur, Pagan mythology, FairyTale magic and more.

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Custom Orders

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