At SmartCat Marketing we help small to medium businesses create brand clarity to engage more customers and increase sales.
Nicole works with creatives who want to target their overall message to reach the right audience and turn them into happy customers.

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Marketing and Sales Consulting

1. Be Found – your clients need to find you
2. Be Heard – your clients will listen if they know you care
3. Be the Solution – We help you articulate how you help them

At SmartCat we create effective marketing materials and apply clear messaging that evoke emotional connections with your audience. A strategy that delivers results. This message is what you say on your website, your business cards, brochures and online campaigns. Nicole helps you identify your customer needs and discover where they are on their buying journey. If you want to work with someone who has an extensive background in sales and marketing, who has a track record of delivering results, and who is honest, and thrives when others succeed, then please reach out.

Let’s talk. Contact Nicole now. or call 902-209-9626

Branded Power Point Design

Let us help you add life to your story!

We create impactful info-graphics & slide-shares to engage your customers and communicate your unique brand value:

  • In Presentations – Virtual & In-person
  • On Social Media – For posts that Engage, Inspire, AND Inform

Discover Your Why

“It has been proven that companies who fully understand how to communicate their “Why” to their clients experience greater returns” – Start With Why, Simon Sinek

After spending all of 2019 talking about this book and Simon Sinek’s methodology as I was in the thick of promoting his associate, Jenn Waldmann, for the EGS Conference, I discovered I was, and had been, using many of these techniques in my consulting process for years.

I take my clients through this same process – when creating content for their business spaces like websites, brochures, and offerings.

In this session we will take a deep dive into the bones of your business and find your Why. Once this discovery is made, we can then implement it in your messaging so it speaks to your audience.

Need to Discover your why? Contact Nicole directly at Write “Discover Your Why” in the subject line and tell me a short story on your situation.

Smart Sales Workshops

The word Sales can be exciting to some and overwhelming for many.

Through the Smart Sales workshop, you will level-up your selling skills.   This will not only help you with clients, but also any stakeholder you need to present an idea to.

You will learn how to uncover your client’s true need :

–          Through conversation

–          Authentic interactions

–          Strategic techniques

Relationships and trust are essential in any business engagement, so before you go out there and sell your products or services, you need to know who you are selling to, what their needs are and how you help them solve a problem.

If you would like to save your spot in the next workshop, send me an email with the title Save my Spot, and I will contact you when we have a date and location.