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Cynthia Sweeney

We’re specialists in supporting companies, service providers, and communities with the skills to succeed at building and growing truly inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ clients & team members.

How? By offering educational programs for forward thinking organizations around issues of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. We provide a variety of engaging in-person & online training, courses and workshops, diversity audits, and resources to help you build the diverse, collaborative, and productive team of your dreams!

Public or private sector organization looking to incorporate more LGBTQ+ inclusive practices that are welcoming to all? Reach out – we can help!

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Based Locally in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Thrive 2.0 Free Careers Program

15 spots available for 2SLGBTQ+ Nova Scotians from 16-25 years old. Starts Monday, February 6th.

With this hybrid virtual e-leaning program you:

  • Get weekly virtual meets featuring videos with Guest Professional Mentors from around Nova Scotia
  • Learn skills to connect you with jobs and opportunities
  • Build & customize your resume with a team that cares

Want to support? Please share with your local library and high school administrators to help us reach as many youth as possible!

Click the Register button to find out more and reserve your spot!

E-learning Courses, Workshops, and Educational Resources

Ideal for Small Business and Service Providers

We’ve designed online LGBTQ+ diversity & Inclusion certificate workshops, to complete at your own pace, to help you sensitively navigate the inclusive language of the beyond binary world. Includes “Proper Pronouns” and “Beyond the Binary” certifications. You can even bundle them together for a discounted price and double up on your learning!

We’ve also got a great resource list for educators and parents looking to include diverse representations in their home or school libraries!

LGBTQ+ Diversity and Inclusion Training

For Organizational Change

We offer In-person workshops and professional development, along with inclusion business audits and LGBTQ+ inclusive workspace training. So, we’ve got your organization’s beyond binary education and training covered.

Our expert team will empower you and your team with the skills and language to take you beyond gender binary bias so that you can create a truly inclusive space that’s welcoming to all.

Hey, Cis! 

Our ongoing, bi-weekly, head-on conversation about current affairs & real-life stories about gender-based issues affecting trans and non-binary youth, students, and adults, within our Maritime LGBTQ+ community and across Canada.

We take on difficult topics and bust some myths, so we can foster a greater connection between those who identify as cisgender and those who identify as trans, gender creative and non-binary – to create more inclusive communities.

Communities where everyone feels included and safe to be their true selves.

The Pink Balloon Children’s Book

Give a gift that celebrates and embraces the diversity of gender identity and expression this Holiday Season.

Co-written & beautifully illustrated in Nova Scotia – a wonderful local addition to any child’s library!

“Somewhere near the seaside, a child named Briar is about to be born. But, Briar’s story has already begun when a pink balloon floats surprisingly out of a box.

Inspired by a true story, this is a heartwarming journey of a new family, a balloon, and a child who shows the world it is what’s on the inside that counts the most.

Author Cynthia Sweeney with co-author BriAnna Simons. Art by Briana Corr Scott.”


The Invisible Parent’s Hub

Where we explore issues of trans and non-binary gender identity – both for those who identify and for allies who want to champion them.

Full of ways to support and empowering stories to encourage. You’re sure to learn lots and connect with a broader more diverse perspective on the world.