We are a professional landscape contractor, property maintenance provider and snow removal contractor. We are here to Design your ideas, Build them into reality, and Beautifully Maintain your property.

We have the right experience, staff and equipment to ensure your landscaping projects are both beautiful and long lasting. We offer commercial and residential property maintenance services and believe that only the right people with the right tools will complete the job correctly, the first time. Our staff is bond-able, our gear is capable and our company is dependable.

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Beautiful Stonework

We can use paver stones to make beautiful, lasting driveways, luxorious, durable walkways or stunning, quiet patios. There is a large variety of styles of pavers to choose from, so you get a unique, beautiful and one of a kind result every time!

Garden walls use smaller bricks and stones and are used to make garden boxes. They aren’t very tall, but add a great accent alongside any form of landscaping. Retaining walls are built tough. They help control the landscape by retaining a level of ground from collapsing or washing away. Both types of walls have a variety of stones and bricks they can be built with to create a beautiful landscape for your yard.

Landscaping Services

We offer a full array of landscaping services. We do interlock paver driveways, patios and walkways. Retaining walls and garden walls. Landscape lighting. We also do lawn installs or renovations. We work both with natural grass sod, or artificial turf depending on your needs. We offer garden designs, planting and installations. Our install crews are experienced and professional on the job site. We are always looking at innovative ways to stay competitive & efficient while maintaining the highest level of service.

Lawn Care

We offer both commercial and residential lawn mowing. We have equipment to handle the largest lawns, or small fenced in city yards. Always looking at ways to increase our efficiency so you don’t have to deal with any excess noise and can enjoy your yard as much as possible. We also offer pairing services with our lawn mowing such as litter pickups, or lawn care throughout the season. We also offer lawn care packages, we can aerate, lime, fertilize and overseed your lawn to get it green and lush throughout the summer. Our spring and fall cleanups are throughout and will ensure you don’t have to deal with any leaves yourself.

Commercial Snow Removal

RnS Landscaping Ltd. provides commercial snow and ice management services for commercial properties in the Dartmouth area of HRM. This has included daycare centers, retail shopping centers, industrial properties, recreational parks and centers, ice rinks, transit terminals and fire stations throughout Dartmouth. As a small company, we strive to impress our clients. We would love to see our clients come back every season. The only way to do that is to provide top quality service, ensure proper communication and remain competitive with pricing. No need to worry this winter, we will ensure smooth operations regardless of the weather.