Our Mission is to connect and collaborate with those invested in better leadership, workplace quality, improved communication, and increased innovation.

Together we can be on the leading edge of training by transforming attitudes and attaining affirmative corporate culture.

Floria is your catalyst for that journey from information to transformation with solutions-based coaching in Positive Leadership, Interpersonal Communication,  Inclusion, & Positive Culture

With offerings ranging from 1:1 coaching, 1 hour seminars, full-day workshops, & intensive workshop series, Floria will help you learn how to better recognize and realize your full potential.

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Effective Communications: Training that Most Benefits Your Workplace

Communication plays a vital role at the workplace, in business, and life.

Effective communication skills enhances professionalism and eliminates conflicts and hurtful situations at the workplace while building trust.

Not everyone has the healthiest of communication strategies but everyone can learn more effective interpersonal communication skills with the right coaching.

I deliver Communication Skills Training designed to help improve well-being and collaboration, while enhancing workplace enjoyment, team engagement, and productivity.

Leadership Training To Inspire Your Team

Leadership is more than just a title.

Leadership is an evolution based on building trust, clear vision, and self-awareness to empower. Visionary leaders create future leaders rather than followers.

I help leaders become more effective by developing skills to embrace difficulties to find opportunities.

Positive Culture to Improve Productivity

Research has concluded Growth Mindset and appreciation leads to positive culture. Staying positive in business takes focus and practice. Let’s discuss how legendary leaders turn difficulties into opportunities!

Growth Mindset (vs Fixed Mindset) for Success

Growth Mindset is believing you can control your skills and abilities by your positive attitude towards continually growing and expanding your skill set and intelligence.

Those with a Growth Mindset learn more over time than those with a Fixed Mindset. Organizations that embrace and integrate growth mindset into their workplace culture achieve greater things than those who do not.

Tap into over 3 decades of research, knowledge, and expertise in how a Growth Mindset can transform people and businesses alike. And learn growth mindset skills that encourage collaboration, improve engagement, increase productivity & innovation, and turn average into extraordinary!

Gratitude at Work to Improve Mental Health & Morale

Did you know that appreciating your team improves employee engagement performance, creativity, & job satisfaction?

Do you want to improve productivity by 60%?

Showing gratitude for your team’s efforts and contributions helps decrease anxiety, improve mental health, achieve goals, and increases productivity and innovation, stimulating business growth.

Let’s discuss how I can help you infuse gratitude and appreciation in your workplace for happier, more productive teams.