I help you find more money & time in your business by designing customized processes that better serve your team, your customers and your bottom line.

As an industrial engineering technologist, I am well grounded in process and communication challenges from a management and front line perspective and across multiple departments. I also have specialized expertise in training development and project management.

The results that you can expect from working with me:

  • Confidence that you are putting your improvements in the right place without wasting resources.
  • People spending their time and effort on providing value, not backtracking.
  • Measurable and specific time and money savings.
  • Clearly mapped and simplified processes that keep your whole team aligned in the same direction.
  • More time leading your business, less time managing last minute emergencies and distractions.

My passion is making continuous improvement accessible to small independent business owners. Let’s chat to see how I can help you and your team.

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“We make continuous improvement accessible to small independent business owners and their teams. Let’s chat to see how we can help you grow into your full business potential!”

Angela Penton
Open Field PI Founder 

Process Improvement

My expertise is to find and correct causes of loss and inconsistency at the source.

I assess and chart an accurate picture of how things are really working right now and work with you to map out a practical & optimized path to your goal.

Guiding you and your team in digging up & systematically tackling waste in any process so you can start saving money, time and headaches.

Training Development

Ramping up & standardizing your team training for delivering consistently excellent service.

I help you update your training materials, making them accessible and simple to understand so that they represent your current best practices and strategic growth vision.

Workspace Flow & Organization

I guide you through the 5S system to revamp your work spaces – maximizing space and minimizing wasted time.

By guiding you and your team towards an organized and clean 5S environment you’ll reduce process & safety concerns and make significant gains in space and efficiency.