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100% Natural Cleaning Products for your home. Your Safe, Effective and Environmentally-Friendly Natural Cleaning Solution.

We created Nothing Cleaner Natural Cleaning Products with only three ingredients: water, calcium, & minerals from the Atlantic Ocean. Because we believe that good cleaning products should be effective, non-toxic, natural, and safe for the environment and your family.

We’ve got a wide range of all natural cleaning products to clean & polish: glasses, flat screens, chrome, and even high maintenance items like stove-tops, ovens and shower glass.

And guess what? Our Nothing Cleaner products leave a thin protective layer of organic calcium to help keep your cleaned surfaces shiny and smudge-free for longer!

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Nothing Cleaner Natural Household Cleaning Products

Safe and natural cleaning products for daily use in those high traffic areas of your home: All-Purpose, Kitchen, Bathrooms – even one for Glass & Mirrors!

Nothing Cleaner All Purpose is formulated to tackle the gambit of general cleaning tasks around our homes, offices and yes, including mobile homes, RVs, cars and much more. It’s even great for fireplace & bathroom glass!

What’s more, like all of our products, our household cleaners leave a crystal clear microfilm of organic calcium and natural minerals that resists fingerprints, is anti-static and stays cleaner longer. Making it even easier to clean the next time.

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Nothing Cleaner Devices 

Ideal for keeping your smartphones, tablets, TV, and computer screens clean and shiny!

Removes carbon, creosote, and stubborn deposits from all flat-screens for a smudge free shine.

And it applies our Nothing Cleaner crystal clear microfilm of organic calcium and natural minerals. So it resists fingerprints, is anti-static, smudge resistant and keeps your flatscreens cleaner for longer.

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Chrome Care

Chrome Care is the perfect cleaning solution for all of your high shine finish non-porous surfaces. It won’t smear, smudge or streak – just shine!

How? Nothing Cleaner Chrome Care leaves a clear microfilm of organic calcium that resists fingerprints, is anti-static, and stays cleaner longer.

It can even be used on fibreglass or plexiglass windshields to remove bugs & bug juice. In fact, with a couple of coats, bugs (and other dirty deposits) cannot penetrate the microfilm of organic calcium so they become easier to remove every time – even with just water!

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Nothing Cleaner Glasses

Our Glasses Cleaner is formulated specifically to help reduce fogging and smudging, so that you can see clear for longer.

And, like all of our Nothing Cleaner products, is formulated using only natural and organic ingredients and without the use of abrasive chemicals. So you can see clearly without exposing yourself to the harsh chemicals & odours found in typical eye-glass cleaners.

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