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If you feel like the universe is sitting on your head, call Jim. If the thought of going to another day of work makes you curl up in a ball, call Jim. If you are really wound up, like your entire chest is buzzing with bees of panic, call Jim. When things are tense at work and you seem to be trapped in a horrific rut, call Jim. When things in your family are so tense that you feel you can’t breath, first, make sure you can breath, and call Jim. When you’ve lost. Big time. Again. Call Jim. When you’ve tried lots of other ways to feel better that haven’t worked, call Jim.

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NEW: The Remarkable Fools Society Certificate

Awarded in recognition and celebration of imperfections, irrationality, absurdity, and overall folly.

You are enough – certified.

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Sessions with me are confidential, non judgmental and at times, playful and fun. I bring both levity and sensitivity to the most delicate of situations. Therapy doesn’t have to be stiff, scary or clinical. Getting help is a relief. You don’t have to go it alone anymore. There’s a place for you in the world. We can walk the path to this place together.


The Remarkable Fools Letter

Jim shares his refreshing take on living a perfectly imperfect happy life in his whimsical yet relatable blog.

“In any creative endeavor, there is a tension between the risks of leaping to make change happen and our instincts for self preservation.”  Click on this quote to read the rest!

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