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Have you been feeling sad, inadequate, or out-of-control? Are you frequently involved in arguments with your partner or family members? Do you struggle with unpleasant memories related to the past?

Our virtual and in-person counselling services can help improve your mental health, self-esteem and sense of control over your life. It can help you improve your communication skills to ensure that your needs are being met – resulting in a more satisfying life.

Struggling? You’re not alone – we can help. Visit our website to find out more and to book. Because you were meant to thrive.

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Monday & Thursday: 9 am – 5 pm

Tuesday & Wednesday: 9 am – 7 pm

Friday: 9 am – 4 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9 am – 3 pm

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New Weekend Therapy Hours

We’re excited to be able to now offer our counselling services on the weekends.

We recognize that it’s not always possible to fit in mental health counselling during regular business hours. So we’ve opened up appointments on Saturday and Sunday from 9-3.

Making it even easier to book in that mental health focus time in your busy schedule.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an important part your journey in the discovery of who you are and who you want to become. We give you a space to be heard and understood, from a compassionate and knowledgeable position, so you can share safely and honestly.

We can help you address issues with trauma, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, general unhappiness, and shame – setting you on your path of healing and supporting you along the way.

Virtual and in-person appointments welcome.

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Couples Therapy

Sometimes even the best of couples go through rough patches in their marriage. Professional help at the right time can help you through these difficult times.

We offer exactly these kind of support services including, marriage guidance counselling, marital therapy, and relationship therapy.

We provide a supportive place and healthy environment for you and your partner to discuss relationship issues and work towards possible solutions for a stronger and healthier partnership.

In-person appointments welcome.

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Transgender & Non-binary Counselling & Support Services

We are determined to provide the best mental health support services to meet the diverse needs of the Transgender and Non-binary communities.

For those making gender changes having the support of a gender therapist can provide you with guidance and partnership through your process. We can help provide that extra support for when you have many disclosures happening at the same time – which can be both exiting and overwhelming.

Virtual and in-person appointments welcome.

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