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At Greenii, we believe that a tree saved, equals a tree planted. We’re a Triple Bottom Line company determined to make the world a better (and greener) place.

We make eco-friendly paper bags and decorative packaging using clean, leftover, or gently used newspapers and flyers. Our unique, trendy, paper bags make the perfect gift bag – or shopping bag for enviro conscious retailers.All of our Greenii products are made locally using clean paper – without any chemicals. Which saves trees, reduces paper processing chemicals, saves water, and gives off zero carbon emissions.

Check us out to see how we can help you live a greener life – one bag at a time!

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Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

Our ready to use trendy, durable, and locally made paper bags come in a variety of sizes (from the teeny tiny to grocery bag size) in both coffeenews and bright white colours.

Use them for gift bags, or as your store’s eco friendly shopping bag for customers to take your products home in!

Available in extra small to large sizes to suit a variety of purposes. Click the Shop Now button to select the Greenii Bags best suited to your needs.

Decorative Crinkle Paper

Why not fill your beautiful Greenii gift bags with our beautiful locally made crinkle paper? Your greener solution for attractive & colourful gift box or gift bag packaging.

Made from the same clean reused paper as our bags, with a delightful streamer look and celebratory feel.Perfect for adding that special something to your customer packaging or for your own personal gift giving!

Click the Shop Now button to see all of our beautiful colours and size options.

Shredded Cardboard Enviro Packing

Say hello to Greenii’s environmentally friendly packing materials. Keeping both your fragile packages, and the planet, safe!

Made from clean cardboard, this is the greener choice over polluting styrofoam peanuts and kraft paper. Great for packing up fragile items for clients or your own delicate mementos and gifts for storage or transport.

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Custom Bags

Flyers to Bags

Got flyers you don’t need? Reach out! We’ll put them to good use. We’ll even turn the leftovers into decorative crinkle paper!

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Reused Boxes

Your affordable, greener packing & storage solution!

All of our reused boxes are clean and in good condition so they’re great for either storage, or shipping!

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Greenii – People Focused

Employing Newcomer & Refugee Women

We provide employment to newcomer and refugee women as independent contractors.

After a few weeks of training at Greenii, they not only know how to make our high quality, attractive bags, but also get invaluable Canadian work experience for their resumes.