Erin Elaine Casey Writing And Editing

Erin Elaine

I help you show your expertise while respecting your audience’s need for clarity, simplicity, and problem solving. I get to know you and your needs before I write a word. I want YOU to sound like YOU!

I have more than twenty years of experience writing and editing for business, not-for-profit, education, government, and individual authors. My versatility is your biggest asset.

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Writing & Editing

I have vast experience giving your brilliant ideas life on the page – so that others understand your meaning and hear your voice. I can help with writing and editing: copy, technical documents, reports, research findings, feature articles, news releases Instructional manuals, web content, speeches, books, scripts for presentations and much, much more.

Plain Language Auditing, Writing, and Editing

Is your audience having trouble understanding you? I can help you express yourself clearly and I can clarify your signage, instructions, and information. I am an experienced writer and editor who will help you communicate exactly what you want to say.


I know, indexing is boring, and yes, I can create that long alphabetical list at the back of a book.

Website Auditing

Making sure that your writing is high quality is important! That means no mistakes! I comb your website for errors, typos, clarity, and usability.


Writers need coaching too! If you’d like to improve your writing, I’ll review your work, diagnose problems, talk about your goals, and give advice on how to get there. This can be a one-hour coaching session, or an ongoing relationship as you work on a book, short story, or other writing project.