I’m passionate about using massage therapy with my clients to help them along the road to improved health. To that end, I offer customized treatment plans including Massage Therapy and/or Exercise Therapy. If you’re struggling with acute or chronic conditions, I can help!

I’ve even created my own line of all natural aromatherapy candles, massage oils, bath salts, and natural clay soap, that your whole family can get the healthful benefits from!

Visit my website to find our more about my services and connect with my healthful aromatherapy products. I look forward to working with you!

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Massage Therapy & Therapeutic Exercise

I work with you to create an individualized Massage Therapy treatment plan specific to your needs, treating conditions including: Postural Strains, Sprains, Overwork injuries, and Neurological Disorders. I also work with clients who’ve been involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workplace Injuries as well as those with Anxiety Disorders. Struggling with any of these issues? Reach out today!

Therapeutic exercise compliments to your massage therapy, with benefits including: restored movement, improved function, strength, gait, and balance. And it can even help prevent injury while improving fitness and overall health and wellbeing. My programs help restore strength, power, endurance – or any combination of the three. Looking to get healthier faster? Let’s work together to do just that!

Aromatherapy Candles

I’ve created my very own line of all natural aromatherapy candles so that you can enjoy their healthful benefits at home!

Made with 100% organic beeswax and natural essential oils to infuse your space with either soothing lavender, uplifting sweet orange, or stimulating geranium & ylang ylang.

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Bath Salts & Natural Clay Soap

Enhance your bathing experience with the healthful benefits of magnesium rich Dead Sea Salt. Great for improving both skin hydration and reducing inflammation.

And you won’t believe how smooth our Natural Clay Hand Soap will leave your skin – cleaning, while also acting as a natural exfoliant to remove oil & impurities.

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Massage Therapy Oils

My signature All Natural Hot and Cold Therapy Oils specially designed to use as a fellow Massage Therapist – or for your own at home massages.

My Hot Therapy Oil is great for chronic conditions and contains warming organic camphor and jojoba essential oils with coconut, fractional coconut oils, and more.

Great for inflammation, my Cold Therapy Oil contains organic peppermint essential oils – great for reducing pain, stress, and improving mental function.

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Massage Therapy Home Equipment

Looking for the gear you need to keep up your healthful stretching and trigger point massage techniques at home?

I’ve got you covered with trigger point balls, foam rollers, exercise bands, and more. We’ve even got yoga mats.

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