From runway to everyday, Ela Lani Luxury Hair Salon helps you create your personal style, using natural hair-care & enhancement products to get that exact look you’re going for.

We are dedicated to being your Go-To Salon for all of the style & hair products you need. Whether looking to freshen & update your current style, or transitioning to a completely different look, we’ll help get you there – guaranteeing that you’ll walk away with confidence and style.

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Natural Hair Enhancements:Extensions & More

We carry only the highest quality natural hair enhancements. Book a free consultation at our salon to see our products, colour match your hair extensions, hair texture, and check your hair length to ensure its long enough for us to achieve your desired hair style.Then, when you’re ready for your new look, choose from Ela Lani’s Hair Extension Applications including:

  • Lux, our Unique Protective Hair Extension Application Method known As Le Pearl or Beaded Weft + Ela Lani Premium Hair Extensions.
  • Standard protective Hair Extension Application Method with Braided Partern + Ela Lani Standard Or Premium Hair Extensions.


Our Braids Pack combines the use of natural hair products on all hair types. We offer: Cornrows, Single Braids, Faux Locs, Crochet styles, Boxer Braids, Men’s Braids No Fade, Men’s Braids With Fade, and more.

Special DateHair & Make-up

On location or in the salon. The Ela Lani team will ensure your hair and makeup is as dreamy as you had imagined for that exact look you want for your special event.

Hair Health:Products & Treatments

Ela Lani combines the use of natural hair products to Shampoo and style hair, hair masks, twist out, silk press or natural style using paraben free hair protective products. We’ll help you keep your hair in optimum health and looking its best.

For Stylists & Affiliates

Are you looking to source our high quality Ela Lani natural hair products in your Salon? Connect with us to find out more.Interested in our Afiflate program? Connect and let’s talk about how we can work together.