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We help you connect with your inner Champion so you can live your life with passion and purpose.

With our All-inclusive Women’s Retreats, Champion Mindset program, workplace facilitation and individual coaching, we help you find, articulate, and realize your potential to live an authentic and fulfilling life. One where your unique gifts shine through in your work, relationships, and into the rest of the world around you.

Let us help your rediscover your true authentic self so you can thrive where you work, live and play.

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Featured Course: Champion Mindset Self-directed Program

Learn, at your own pace, how to free yourself from perfectionism so that you can thrive by developing useful tools like:

  • Insights and strategies to help minimize the stress of ‘being perfect’
  • Creating awareness and curiosity in the present mindset
  • Recognizing how fear can show up as perfectionism, and more!

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Champion Yourself Events & Retreats

Champion coach & founder, Ann-Marie Flinn, hosts a series of in-person and virtual events – from inspirational Wellness Webinars, to Restorative Retreats.

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Champion Wellness Programs

We’ve developed a variety of self-directed learning opportunities in our on-demand programming. Covering topics from Champion Lifestyle Quick Start, to bundled packages integrating 1:1 coaching sessions with Champion lead coach and founder, Ann-Marie Flinn!

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Corporate Champion Programs

Like great coaches in sports, great leaders recognize that a prosperous, productive and energetic team is the fuel for optimal performance.

We specialize in helping leaders of forward thinking organizations achieve full team engagement by investing in the physical, mental, emotional and inspirational energy of their people.

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