​Part café – part specialty food retailer – all authentic. Call it what you will, Café Aroma Latino is above all true ‘Labour of Love’, generations in the making. Inspired by the fresh, homemade foods of her youth, and extensive travels, owner Claudia crafts her own delicious signature dishes in addition to true, no-fuss, Latin American traditional food. Visit Café Aroma Latino to taste and experience the difference authenticity makes – you’re sure to LOVE this one-of-a-kind, friendly neighbourhood restaurant & specialty food market.

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Opening Times

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Friday-Saturday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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Café Aroma Latino’s owner Claudia Pinto cooks authentic Guatemalan, South American and Mexican dishes – and a mean breakfast, too. Claudia prioritizes using local products, when available, and aims to achieve a less than 1% food waste process. Her cozy north end stand-out also sells Latin American juices, spices, coffees, snacks and flours from its in-café grocery.

Lunch & Dinner

Traditional grilled meats, chorizo & cheeses, Tacos (Mexican, Guatemalan fish, & shrimp), Colombian & Argentinian Empanadas, Mexican Quesadilla, Claudia’s Signature Flautas, Criolla, Trio Loco & many more of Claudia’s original creations! With traditional sides of pickled & grilled veg, salsa, & queso fresco, and of course a wide assortment of tasty bean dishes. All with signature Central and South American herbs & spices combining to give a wide variety of deliciously unique regional flavours.

Breakfast & Brunch

Available Sat & Sun 9-1

Served with a complimentary Café con Lache and featuring hearty Latin American breakfast foods like, beans, sirloin steak, tortillas, eggs, chicken, grilled veggies, diced potatoes, fried plantaine, chorizo, patacones, and much more. Complimented by our delicious tropical fruit drinks and excellent coffee.The perfect start to your weekends – early or late!

South American Food Market

Love our food? Visit our specialty food market to take some of those delicious flavours home with you. We carry a wide selection of Central & South American specialty foods. Peruse our display online and connect in store to purchase these traditional staple recipe items. And when you do – come chat with us about them. We love sharing our passion for the unique and varied flavour blends of Latin American food!