Great environmentally friendly products for you and yours – sourced locally and from the rest of Canada.

Visit us online or in person at our Store by beautiful Lawrencetown Beach. Get personal products from beard oils to shampoo bars, to sanitary pads, to knitted socks, and much more! And, of course, you can stock up on green home care items like detergents and all purpose cleaners with us too!

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However you connect with us, where-ever you are on your green living journey, we’ll be very happy to help!

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Home Care

Looking for greener solutions for your home? It can be as easy as swapping out industrial cleaning products for environmentally friendly ones. Or getting a few reusable produce bags to bring grocery shopping with you. Even using Beeswax wraps instead of plastic or aluminum to store and transport food make a significant difference. Any of these little changes will make a big impact!

Click the Shop Now button to check out our current selection of green kitchen wares, including all purpose cleaning strips, produce bags, and reusable straws.

We have so many Beeswax Wraps that they warranted their own section. Click Here to check them out!

And Click Here for greener Laundry Detergent solutions.

Bath & Body

We are proud to carry a whole host of personal care items that are healthier for both you and the planet! And we are very proud to feature many local makers.

Click the Shop Now button to view our wide selection of green bath & body products including nourishing shampoo and conditioner bars and luxurious bubble baths.

Click Here to check out our eco-friendly Body Soaps.

And Click Here to check out our green Face Bars.

Beards & Shaving

Looking for Beard Care and Shaving Products without having to rely on harsh chemicals and plastic disposables? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve got high quality enviro-friendly oils, balms, and shampoos to keep you looking your best. We’ve also got shaving lathers, and the safety razors and blades to go with them.

Click the Shop Now button to see our current Beard & Shaving products!

Sanitary Pads

We carry a wide variety of Body Honour Pads and Panty Liners in a variety of sizes and shapes. Yes, we even have ones for Thongs – thin, breathable, reliable and oh so comfortable… seriously!

Measuring approximately the same length as a yucky disposable options – for all days of your cycle!

Click the Shop Now button to view our current options.


Green from head to toe? Absolutely!

We have a great enviro-friendly alternative to fast fashion socks. Handmade wool or bamboo natural fibre socks from Laura Knits – sourced and made in the Maritimes. The wool is from New Brunswick, Laura Knits them in PEI, and they are sold here in Nova Scotia.

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