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Our exclusive business optimization programs bring straight-forward achievable operational solutions to empower any size team.

From solopreneur to big corporate – our strategic consulting, coaching programs, and customized team training options ensure you master how as well as what to do to successfully grow your business.

40 Cups Community Founders: a powerful movement for leadership & growth, in both personal & professional development.

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Wednesday, 31 Aug, 3 pm EST (4 pm AST) on ZOOM.

Join us to learn why you don’t have to quit your job to make your side hustle happen – with TechBizGurl and multi-successful founder Jessica L. Williams!

And, of course, to network with fellow 40 Cups participants in our breakout rooms too.

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Optimize™ Innovation

Our customized business optimization scaling and innovation coaching program is for the SME entrepreneur looking to make a change in their business.

From shifting product or service lines, adding additional properties or divisions, a vision to export, or building a succession plan, this program works with you to build a strategy for change and then prepare your business for optimal growth.

Op∙ti∙mize Growth™

Get access to a customized business optimization training and coaching program offered through Blue Door Group’s certified network of consulting and industry professionals. Our trusted partners implement our Blue Door methodology to help you navigate various business hurdles in their area of expertise.

Whether HR, Marketing, Web Development, Digital Implementation, or Finance, our partners will provide you the expertise and reassurance to fall in love with your business all over again.

Op∙ti∙mize Culture™

A 10-step business optimization program developed to help businesses embark on a full corporate culture transformation to a client centred business model.

Focusing on optimizing The Success Spot of PEOPLE, PROCESS, PASSION and PROFIT, this program works with SME’s on shifting ALL aspects of their business to reflect a deep focus on both their internal and external clients.

Op•ti•mize Design™

Get Market Ready!

We help small business entrepreneurs to move from “mind to market” by commercializing their offerings and building systems and processes to allow for future scaling.

Designing your business from desired outcomes, you can ensure your new business is built optimally from the beginning. From chaos to calm, this 8 step program sets the stage for the successful launch and growth of your business.

Op∙ti∙mize Training™

Let us create a customized training program for your business.

Whether you are looking to introduce a new product, service, or tool to your team; or to improve onboarding & ongoing professional development, our team of trainers and educators work with your team to create meaningful learning opportunities.

Using our Blue Door Methodology we will increase team expertise, retention, and profitability within your business.