We are a team of financial advisors, entrepreneurs, and inventors. We have bills to pay and dreams to realize. We have families and cats and dogs, even a fish!

Our services are designed to help you, your family or your business reach its next financial level faster and easier. If we can take the stress out of money along the way then all the better.

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“I work with business owners at all different stages of the Entrepreneurship journey and am continually inspired by their ideas, perseverance, and true grit.

Listen to our conversations for lessons of inspiration, motivation, and hard knocks. And learn about some pretty amazing businesses (and their owners) along the way.”
– Wendy 

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Shock Proof Your Finances

An actionable strategy to help you reach your financial goals and increase your ability to weather unexpected financial stories.

Shock Proof Your Business

A business systems that allows you to have the life you want and increase your ability to overcome the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Retirement Income Planning

One of the biggest worries in retirement can be running out of money.

We work hard to match plans and product so that we reduce your risk and create a go forward strategy.

Estate Planning

Ensuring that you maximize the amount of money your heirs receive and control the manner in which they receive it.

Unleash Your Money Power

30 Day Challenge of education to bridge the gap to build your confidence in financial literacy.

Under 5 minute videos for 30 days straight.