Founded by Tomi Allen after fifteen years of engineering in the solar and energy industries, Alto Solar’s mission is to empower individuals, families and communities with cleaner, greener, reliable energy straight from the sun.

Alto Solar Inc. specializes in the design, development and deployment of solar products and systems for off-grid adventures and residential, commercial, mobile, and marine markets (off-grid, on-grid, portable, hybrid). Applications include homes, boats, RVs, camper vans, cottages, communities, marinas, solar parks, businesses, festivals, special events, and even your backpack – anywhere the sun shines and you need power, day or night! ​

Based in Nova Scotia, Tomi is a key driver in the local and international solar industry. He has worked throughout Europe, the US, Argentina & Indonesia and continues to develop projects and partnerships, both locally and globally. He regularly attends the world’s leading conferences and exhibitions on solar and smart energy technology to stay up-to-date so Alto Solar can continue to provide leading edge solar products for your personal, residential, and travel needs.

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Portable Solar Solutions

Easy to use, plug-and-play solar for off-grid, energy independence, back-up power, mobility, and quiet, environmentally friendly operation. Great for personal use or to give as gifts to your environmentally conscious, travel-loving friends & family!

Check out our portable solar products that you can buy online here – just click on the text to connect:

Solar USB Phone Charger: The World’s Smallest, Lightest & Most Efficient 14W Solar Charger. Charge your phone and USB devices with Alto Solar’s new, state-of-the-art, solar USB phone charger. 

Portable Solar Generator (1kW): The Alto Solar Generator (ASG) is a compact solar system you can take anywhere! Perfect for off-grid, mobile and back-up power, everything you need is included in the sleek aluminum alloy package. 

Connect with Tomi via email to find out more about these Alto Solar Portable Solar solutions:

100 W Solar Panel: This 100 W mono-crystalline solar panel is ideally suited for off-grid applications such as 12 volt battery charging for your cottage, camper van, or boat. Connect it to a solar charge controller and charge your 12 volt battery bank, or string together multiple in series for higher voltages and more power.

100 W Foldable Solar Panel: Alto Solar’s new, super-thin, lightweight folding solar panel is revolutionizing the 12 VDC folding solar panel market. Constructed from A-Grade mono-crystalline solar cells the latest ETFE textured lamination film…

100 W Flexible Solar Panel: Alto Solar’s marine-grade, ultra-light semi-flexible solar panel is ideal for boats, RVs, camper vans and anywhere where weight and flexibility are a concern. Constructed from A-Grade mono-crystalline solar cells…

Solar Boiler™ Systems & Module

The Thermo Dynamics’ Solar Boiler is today’s state-of-the-art solar water-heating appliance. Designed to pre-heat the domestic water that is supplied to your conventional water heater, it can result in remarkable savings,  is easy to install, and maintenance free.  We carry two state of the art Solar Boiler systems and a Solar Boiler Module. Connect with Tomi via the Email to Connect button to find out more.

Solar PV Panels

All types of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels: Rigid, Flexible, & Folding. Click on More Info to find the solar panel that best suits your needs. Need some help deciding? Reach out to Tomi and he’ll help you find the ideal solar panel solution that will work best for you. CLICK HERE to Contact Tomi for your FREE Solar Consultation!

Solar Pump™ Systems

The sun powers the Thermo Dynamics Solar Pump™ – no batteries, no high-voltage electricity, no engine consuming gasoline or diesel fuel – only harmless, low-voltage, solar-generated electricity, eternally available and pollution free.

The Solar Pump™ system consists of a rotary vane pump driven by a photovoltaic (PV) powered DC motor and controller. Provides  maximum performance at all levels of solar irradiance and enables the Solar Pump™ to begin pumping with as little as one watt of power (one-tenth of a full sun, 100 W/m2)!!

Connect with Tomi via the Email to Connect button to find out more.

Solar Thermal Collectors

Solar thermal collectors produce heat by heating a liquid (water or a glycol solution) and circulating it to the point of use or through a heat exchanger where it transfers the heat into a hot water storage tank. Thermo Dynamics Ltd. have been manufacturing solar thermal collectors for 40 years in Canada! Click More Info to explore the variety of options and CLICK HERE to book a FREE Solar Consultation with Tomi for help and guidance to chose the solar collector that’s right for you.