Our Story

Passionate about contributing to and fully experiencing our locals in all the different places we’ve lived around the globe, our founding team always actively searched out the small independent businesses that gave each new local we found ourselves in its unique flavour and gave so much back to the community.

Of course, we’d look online to try and access more of these small indie local providers but, unfortunately, we never got very far as our search results were often dominated by larger corporate players. So, we were left with stumbling across (or occasionally hearing about by word-of-mouth) the cool local offerings we couldn’t find online.

Frustrated by this lack of access, we built our own solution and vLife was born. vLife is the world’s first social enterprise platform connecting people like us, passionate about experiencing & supporting local, with more small independent goods and services providers in our communities.

We are thrilled to be launching vLife in our home local of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and will quickly roll out to other communities keen to help grow their local economy while connecting with a deeper local experience.

Share our passion for experiencing & supporting local? Interested in getting vLife to help grow your home local? Please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!