9 Ways to Shop Small & Local this Holiday Season

Gift Small and Local

How can I shop local? Let me count the ways… But first, a moment of recognition of the stresses that can accumulate with all the demands on our time during the Festive Season… Holiday Stressors The Pressures of the Holiday season can mount pretty quickly – and it seems to start mounting earlier and earlier […]

My Fast Fashion Fast: 800+ days of local looks and big bargains

Fast Fashion Fast

Over two years ago, I went on a Fast Fashion Fast. Since then, 90% of my clothing purchases have been second-hand, vintage, hand-me-down, ethically produced, or Canadian-made. What’s fast fashion? Cheap clothes produced in a hurry by mass-market retailers, usually imitating the latest catwalk trends. Most of us have enjoyed the benefits of fast fashion: […]

Finding More Small Local Business Options

buy local, support local

Current Solutions to Finding Small Local Providers We’ve chatted with many passionate buy local shoppers about how they typically access new small local business options.  The overwhelming majority of them stated online searches, stumbling across, and word-of mouth as their main methods. I think we can all relate to that feeling when a friend recommends […]